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"..our mission is to make gaming a mainstream form of entertainment in Jamaica..."

Get ready for an exciting new venture in Jamaica's collegiate scene! Campus Elite Jamaica, the premier collegiate marketing agency, is proud to announce the launch of our groundbreaking new eSports brand and gaming community; Campus Elite eSports targeting affiliates and students of universities and colleges across Jamaica, our project is set to take the entertainment and youth segment by storm!

Campus Elite eSports will feature an innovative mix of online sports simulation gaming along with console/PC and mobile tournaments.  Our launch lineup includes thrilling titles such as:

  • FIFA (EA Sports FC) Knockout Competitions*

  • Call of Duty Warzone Tournaments*

  • Call of Duty Mobile Tournaments *

  • PUBG Tournaments* 

  • + the coolest EPL Fantasy League Jamaica has ever seen*


With Campus Elite eSports, our mission is to make gaming a mainstream form of entertainment in Jamaica, offering the best prizes for the best players, exciting events, fusing gaming,  online sports and dancehall entertainment in a way that's never been seen before.

We are targeting a Fall 2023 launch of Season One and plan to execute in two phases over 12 months, starting with prelaunch activity and play testing from June to August 2023. In the first phase, we'll establish partnerships with local businesses and brands to offer prizes for gamers who participate, while the second phase will focus on implementing our gaming services. With our growing collegiate ecosystem of over 5000 registered university students, we're confident that Campus Elite eSports will make a massive impact on  eSports in Jamaica as we create an  engaging and rewarding gaming community.

Join us and be part of something truly amazing!

* indicates our intent to to host these tournaments, games and plans are subject to change

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